Rx MIS scorecard and reports gives reports that solve problems in the supply chain

Daily reports that solve stubborn problems in production and your supply chain

Rx IMS scorecard and reports provide daily visualizations that combine data locked in your ERP with new actions generated by our service into powerful operational insights that can be instantly used to maximize sales, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Common reports include:

  • Daily order requirements (What-to-Buy & What-to-Make)
  • Supply chain pipeline status (right supplies delivered at the right time)
  • DDR based Inventory Performance Scorecard
  • Vendors and purchasing team’s performance evaluation
  • Slow and non-moving inventory reports
  • Purchase order expedite lists

Inventory Scorecard

With selected Key Performance Indicators (inventory levels, turnover, shortages, etc.) inventory scorecard provides real-time visibility of inventory performance.

Inventory Imbalance

Evaluating inventory level in “days” or “months” of inventory is often insufficient. Understanding “Inventory Imbalance” (too much or not enough) against the target for each stocking item is necessary to appreciate Revenue Loss (stockouts) and Cash Flow (excess).

Stock Buffer Zone Profile

Stock Buffer Zone Profile allows for an on-going trend evaluation of inventory position vs. buffer targets impacting Working Capital and Revenue.