Getting started is simple!

Rx IMS technology simply bolts onto your ERP (we are completely ERP-agnostic). There are no long and costly IT implementations, or additional software you need installed (and maintained).

We connect a simple data feed between your ERP and our cloud-based roadrunner Rx DDR app, and it starts generating and delivering what-to-buy and what-to-make daily instructions. The process is fully managed by our team of IT and Supply Chain professionals.

No hassle. No fuss.

Our simple five step setup process


Data analysis and modelling

  • Define, generate and verify integrity of your inventory data set
  • Analyze data, define buffering requirements and calculate inventory buffer sizes
  • Create a value proposition by comparing existing processes to future supply chain performance


Process design and software set-up

  • Generate feedback and finalize inventory design (SKUs, locations, sizing)
  • Set-up / Update roadrunner Rx software and DDR Scorecard hosting services


Replenishment and Improvements

  • Initiate inventory replenishment services including daily communication of What-to-Make and What-to-Buy quantities
  • Define on-going communication mechanism and stakeholders involved


Process feedback and optimization

  • Set-up DDR Scorecard, KPIs and process monitoring frequency
  • Evaluate impact on inventory turns, inventory imbalance and product availability


On-going service

  • Initiate on-going service driving inventory and operational performance improvements

Pay by the month. No entry fee. No exit fee.

We have deliberately kept our Rx Inventory Management Service agreement simple. You get the inputs you need to improve the performance of your inventory management process for one flat monthly fee.

Organizations typically find the combination of savings, improved cashflow and increased product availability significantly more than justifies the cost of our Rx Inventory Management Service.

  • No upfront investment required
  • No expensive implementation project needed
  • No ongoing inhouse IT support required
  • Pay by the month
  • No lock-in contract

Works with all popular ERPs