The Rx Inventory Management Service uses the power of Demand Driven Replenishment (DDR) to improve your stock availability, lower operating costs and reduce excess inventory.

Increase product availability
Reduce inventory stockouts
Reduce inventory investment
Reduce manufacturing costs

Our Service involves:

Connecting our cloud-based roadrunner Rx to your ERP in order to give your purchasing and production teams daily instructions of What-to-Buy and What-to-Make based on the well-established principles of DDR. It wholly removes guess work and recommendations get increasingly accurate over time.

Leverage the power of Demand Driven Replenishment (DDR) approach for creating timely, accurate production and supply chain flow

Understand precisely what you should order, at the right time, in the correct quantities

Strengthen supply chain resilience, maximize product availability and prevent costly stockouts

Works with all popular ERPs

Scores of manufacturers supplying complex, multi part sub-components to global OEMs rely on Rx IMS every day to decide what to buy and make

Rx IMS integrates with any modern ERP and is powered by a Cloud-based DDR Scorecard which incorporates changing customer orders, supplier reliability and plant performance to analyze, monitor and optimize your inventory levels in real time.

Visual reports enable easy interpretation and Rx IMS performance providing your team with daily what-to-make and what-to-buy instructions for review and action.